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There is a minimum charge to be paid in advance per repair booked in of £40 and this will be taken off the final bill should it go ahead. This is non-refundable and covers the initial labour cost incurred during diagnosis of the fault and if requested an estimate of the total cost of the repair will be given. Please try to give the very best description of the fault or faults as seen because this can be invaluable and your phone No’s and email address if possible. For some simple faults there may be no extra charges.The total charge will be £40/hour for more complex repairs plus parts, less the minimum charge paid.Three months guarantee is provided against the actual work carried out from its completion date. An engineers report will be supplied against each repair. This guarantee will become void if an attempt is made to service the unit by any 3rd party.No responsibility can be accepted for any injury, loss or damage caused by repaired items.Items not collected within 3 months will be disposed of to cover costs and save space.Local Callouts are charged at £60 for first hour and thereafter £40/hourAll repaired items will be given an electrical safety test for insulation , leakage and earth.